Nedap and Osram join forces

(Germany) – A new partnership between Nedap and Osram will see the two firms further emphasise the message of connected lighting.

Nedap and Osram have officially announced a new partnership based on a shared ambition to make connected lighting the new standard.

The partnership means that luminaires equipped with Osram Dexal drivers are now easy to enroll into the Nedap Luxon connected light management platform. Together, the two companies will aim to help clients accelerate savings and lead the way to a more sustainable economy.

Jeroen Somsen, Managing Director at Nedap Light Controls, said: “The partnership between Nedap and Osram is further proof of the market embracing the value of connected lighting. We strongly believe in strategic partnerships between leading players to make a wide variety of connected lighting solutions available to the market. This allows end-users to benefit from significant savings and other data-driven services such as energy savings optimisations and predictive maintenance.”

Hannes Wagner, Senior Product Manager at Osram, added: “The Osram Dexal Technology is a non-proprietary, intra-luminaire interface that enables bi-directional communications between the driver and smart fixture-integrated component.

“Nedap Luxon IoT Node, used to connect luminaires to the light management platform, combined with the Dexal Technology enable an elegant, code compliant smart fixture solution. This compatibility brings a simple solution to market that supports the growing demand for connected devices.”