Net Zero Conference call for a holistic approach to sustainability

10th May 2024

(UK) – On 2 May the inaugural Net Zero Conference, held in London and organised by LIA and Recolight, outlined the initiatives to decarbonising the lighting industry.

Drawing a crowd of 120 delegates and manufacturing representatives, the conference’s key discussion centred on holistic approaches to reach net zero carbon emissions, these included encompassing supply-chain sustainability and logistics, to customer engagement.

Bob Bohannon, Head of Policy and Sustainability at the LIA, gave an overview on the range of certification scheme manufacturers can use to measure, set targets and give clear evidence on their contribution towards net zero.

Bohannon says: “Manufacturers need to choose the right one that best fits their company’s size and position on their sustainability journey, with particular consideration given to scope: some schemes are focused on carbon emissions, others cover a wider range of environmental, sustainability and governance parameters, whilst others are full life cycle assessments of a product’s impacts. What I would say is don’t wait, choose a scheme based on clarity and science and start your net zero journey as soon as possible.”

Reflecting on the conference, Nigel Harvey, Recolight CEO, says: “It has been inspiring to hear of the work some lighting manufacturers are now undertaking as they start to decarbonise their operations. Nobody should underestimate the challenge this involves. But the commitment to make change was tangible, and the number of delegates confirming that they would implement changes as a result of the conference was very encouraging.”

Ayça Donaghy, LIA CEO, adds: “It’s evident that the journey towards sustainable lighting products and operations is both urgent and ongoing. Our discussions underscored that this isn’t merely about reducing emissions – it’s about reimagining how we operate across every aspect of our business. From enhancing our product designs with sustainability at the core to engaging deeply with our supply chains and customers, every step we take is critical to achieving our goals. As we continue to set transparent, science-based targets and improve our practices, the commitment from every stakeholder across the industry will be essential for turning these ambitions into reality.”