New global recognition platform, Lux Futurum, launched

25th June 2024

(Global) – The Virtual Lighting Design Community (VLDC) has teamed with Zhu Rong Awards to curate a new global recognition programme, called Lux Futurum (LuFu).

With roots in China, LuFu aims to actively identify, explore, and promote future-oriented ideas, projects, and people that are pushing the boundaries of design, thinking, technology, and innovation in lighting design.

The intent of the programme is also to build a firm connect between the East and the West by honouring ingenuity, originality, forward-thinking, and impactful contributions towards the future of lighting design, while addressing important global issues. The criteria for selection will include current and pressing considerations such as environmental or social stewardship, health and wellbeing, innovation, professional excellence, technological advancement, and user experience.

LuFu will recognise three key categories:

  • Ideas – Conceptual ideas embracing future-oriented approaches or research initiatives towards lighting;
  • Projects – Realised projects demonstrating future-oriented approaches or research initiatives towards lighting;
  • People – Contributions of people advancing future-oriented approaches or research initiatives towards lighting (careful consideration will be given to this category due to its personal nature).

The programme will seek to provide firms, individuals and organisations with an opportunity to gain global recognition for their achievements in the future of lighting. Winning entries will be rewarded a fully sponsored trip to attend the winners’ gala event in China.

LuFu encourages entries that:

  • demonstrate their potential or actual impact towards shaping the future of lighting design, addressing global challenges, and advancing the industry;
  • represent a diverse range of perspectives, backgrounds, and geographical locations to ensure global inclusivity;
  • showcase forward-thinking ideas, solutions, and projects that anticipate and address potential world issues such as social inclusion, sustainability, and energy conservation.

Instead of being just another awards programme, LuFu aims to champion the spirit of the lighting community. The diversity of the entrants, spanning various realms in lighting such as design, education, manufacturing and research, will enrich this narrative. The story of each entrant will testify to its perseverance, innovation, and lasting impact. The ethos of LuFu is firmly built on the vision that as we venture into the future, the blend of recognition and the drive to innovate will propel the lighting community to new horizons.

The LuFu judges’ panel consists of seven esteemed experts from diverse backgrounds, including architecture, design, education, and research, hailing from countries such as France, India, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, and USA: Acharawan Chutarat, Bianca Gortárez, David McNeil, Manish Gulati, Mariana Figueiro, Roger Narboni and Uno Lai. Shortlisted entries will have the chance to present their work in-person to this distinguished panel at the final gala event in China.

The deadline for submitting entries to LuFu is 30 September.