Nichia and Zumtobel announce collaboration

(Japan) – Nichia has announced a joint-product development collaboration with Zumtobel to provide LED lighting with advanced human-centric lighting benefits.

The partnership has become a key factor for Zumtobel to develop a new offer to its customers; the recently launched Zumtobel Spectrum is a lighting solution developed for its luminaires that harness proprietary technologies developed by Nichia – especially those designed within Optisolis and Vitasolis – to produce a colour spectrum that has daylight properties as reflected by nature, instead of mimicking the conventional sky daylight spectra like other high CRI LED solutions available on the market.

“The demand for high quality, human-centric LED lighting continues to grow,” explained Satoshi Okada, General Lighting Business Planning Manager of Nichia Japan. “Nichia has been a pioneer in LED development for human-centric lighting, having already introduced our Vitasolis technology platform in 2019. With more than 65 years of research into the production and application of phosphor and LED development, Nichia is actively engaged in making scientific breakthroughs in lighting, improving its quality and our relationship with it.”

Zumtobel is also utilising Nichia’s Optisolis technology, which provides a natural light source with a spectrum that achieves the industry’s closest match to that of the standard illuminant, including both the sun and incandescent.