Nordeon Group undergoes rebrand

(Luxembourg) – Rebrand to Experience Brands comes after a year of transformation.

Coinciding with the new year, the Nordeon Group has announced that is has officially rebranded to Experience Brands.

The rebrand comes after several significant changes within the fast-growing conglomerate to better reflect the strategy and progressive mindset of its individual operating companies, which includes Hess, Griven, Lamp Lighting, Wila and Nordeon Lighting Solutions.

The move follows the completion of numerous initiatives in 2020 to transform the group to a more dynamic, customer-centric organisation.

Chris Stockton, CEO of Experience Brands, said: “We strive to improve our customer experiences utilising lighting, so we decided on a name that puts our fundamental objective at the forefront. The name change will not take away from the importance of each individual brand within the group, all of which have a rich, historic tradition of innovation and great products. We will continue to expand the product portfolio within each brand, particularly around their core competency with a focus on design and customisation.

“Although our business is lighting today, with the speed at which technology is advancing, it is crucial that we expand our foundation to support all of the areas that are becoming adjacencies to lighting such as controls, analytics, security, video and communications.

“Experience Brands is committed to helping out customers focus on the needs of the present in a way that allows those in the future to have the ability to meet their needs, a sustainable approach.”