Philips Lighting creates immersive experience for ITV viewers of The Voice UK

(UK) – Philips Hue to connect with The Voice UK app to provide viewers with immersive lighting experience during app play-along. 

Philips Lighting and The Voice UK have entered into a partnership to bring the studio atmosphere of the series into UK homes. By connecting Philips Hue lights to The Voice UK app, viewers will be able to experience the music talent show like never before.

The Voice UK starts this weekend on ITV with a new coaching panel and free app. During the Blind Auditions, users can sync The Voice UK app to their Philips Hue lighting system to have a unique lighting experience during the app play-along. When an act comes on stage users will be able to emulate the coaching experience as when they press their red button in app, their living room will also turn red. During the battles and the live shows The Voice UK app will allow viewers to sync their Philips Hue lighting system to their living room and reflect the light effects in the studio creating an immersive music experience.

David Nicholl, CEO Philips Lighting UK&I commented: “Philips Hue is reinventing how we interact with light in our homes. Through this partnership we are giving viewers a whole new way to enjoy The Voice UK, creating a unique immersive experience with light.”

Philips Hue also features backstage in The Voice Box. After each episode viewers will have access to exclusive content with the acts in a dedicated section of The Voice UK app. This is the place to see the acts experiencing the product, having fun and showing off their personalities.

Philips Lighting will be amplifying the partnership via a social media and digital advertising campaign that begins this month.