PLDC 2018 comes to a close

© 5th Avenue Photography

(Singapore) – PLDC 2018 had a successful event in their new location as part of their recent expansion to Asia and North America.

The well-known European conference cast its net further to capture audiences in Asia and North America with its latest edition in Singapore this year.

Aiming to demonstrate the changes in our society in terms of lighting, PLDC’s expansion to Asia was representative of the on-going development towards smart solutions for urban issues, such as lighting and public safety, mobility and IoT.

With an attendance of 774 international visitors, the event offered an array of interesting and educational talks, workshops and excursions, including the Gardens by the Bay, Atlas bar and the South Beach development.

Additionally, a further project that was presented in Singapore was the CPD platform, which will offer professional training from a wide range of providers, as well as encourage self-study on all levels. PLDCPD will deliver the structure and back-up required for high-quality continuing of education.

The concept is in line with the guidelines presented by the EU and fulfilled the requirements for applying for political recognition of Lighting Design as a scope of work that can be studied and a profession where practitioners can continue to expand their know-how and competence with time. The PLD Alliance, a movement founded to represent the international lighting community, took on the initiative to restart the process to achieve this goal.

It was also announced the Professional Lighting Design magazine will cease to be available in print, but will continue to be published online by the VIA publishing company. This recent online relaunch brought with it some new features to the platform, including a new aesthetic.

The next PLDC event will take place in the Netherlands at the Ahoy Rotterdam convention centre in 2019. The motto for this edition will be “merging masterminds”, which emphasises the importance of the experts and new talents involved in the PLDC events over the years. Rotterdam’s cityscape matched this motto well due to its combination of modern architecture, design and technology alongside its historically rich maritime and industrial background.

The Call for Papers to PLDC2019 is open until 16 November 2018.