Private Residence, Grünwald, Germany

11th January 2023

Munich-based lighting design studio luxophil lighting, used LED solutions from Nichia to bring dynamic lighting to a Grünwald residence.

Achieving a relaxed atmosphere is the primary focus of modern living areas. Natural-looking, high-quality illumination that adapts flexibly to people’s needs is shown to promote wellbeing. If creative light scenes are to be implemented as part of this, then conventional LED technology will quickly reach its limits. For a dynamic lighting solution being installed into a luxury villa in Grünwald, the technology that was employed therefore relied on Nichia’s next generation full-spectrum LEDs.

In the private sphere, light is not just about establishing identity, but also meeting other requirements; a variety of uses and visual tasks must be addressed. That was the brief provided to lighting planner Katrin Rohr of Munich-based luxophil lighting. She was given the task of making the Grünwald villa shine in the best possible light.

The owner wanted a flexible lighting solution that could be adjusted to suit different moods. This needed to be done in a harmonious, authentic, and comfortable manner. In addition, the owner wanted a lighting effect that was as homogeneous as possible, with artificial light complementing and improving on the natural daylight in the interior.

With the expertise of lighting technology supplier feno and the high-quality LED solutions provided by Nichia, Rohr realised the dynamic lighting control her customer was looking for. Precisely modelled on natural light, it gives the owner a free hand in setting different lighting moods whenever they pleased.

In order to create holistic lighting concepts, Rohr works closely with architects and builders, as well as highly specialised companies like feno. This LED specialist offers lighting technology that focuses on flexibility, so that illumination can be fully aligned with human emotions.

The technical knowledge that feno could offer would prove invaluable for the Grünwald villa project – since it was clear from the initial discussions that the client had very high expectations when it came to the lighting quality of their residence. A general light was desired that would simulate natural light over the course of the day and, at the same time, serve as a background light for everyday living.

The task was to increase the daylight illumination in the interior by supplementing it with artificial light. This could then be easily regulated, depending on the villa occupants’ mood and activity. Variation of the daylight intensities in different areas of the villa also posed a challenge – which had to be balanced by general lighting, mood lighting and selective light sources. In addition, a homogeneous lighting effect was desired in rooms connected by openly designed transitions.

In order to implement the dynamic illumination control planned by Rohr, feno developed an LED circuit board for the light coves, which had integrated dimming and DALI compliant electronics. Central to the system would be warm white Optisolis LEDs from Nichia. These full-spectrum LEDs have a colour temperature of 3000K, going far beyond the possibilities of tunable white and RGB(W) devices, with gentle dimming processes, a light spectrum similar to sunlight and excellent colour rendering.