Private Residence, Turks and Caicos

10th January 2023

A stunning private residence in Turks and Caicos has been given a sleek, majestic finish with fixtures from Bold Lighting.

Located in Turks and Caicos, this project was defined by its tropical surroundings, allowing the architecture to frame the natural beauty of the island landscape. The residence was meticulously designed with restraint and consideration to emphasise and integrate seamlessly into the majestic backdrop. The architect’s choice of illuminating the portal was critical to the architectural statement and demonstrated the intimate connection between the built environment and the natural one.

In order to meet the design intent, there was strict criteria the product needed to adhere to. The first requirement was for the product to provide excellent glare control, allowing the residents to walk through the portal without being bothered by the surface luminance of the inground fixtures. Secondly, the performance of the fixtures needed to be flawless to illuminate the vertical surfaces in a very subtle, even gradient. In addition, the product had to be incredibly robust in order to withstand the unpredictable and harsh weather of the tropical island and maintain integrity in the salty air environment. Lastly, the colour temperature had to be tailored to blend seamlessly with the colour of the sunset sky, complementing the natural palette of colours.

The Billet Inground Wallgrazer met all requirements and was the perfect candidate for such application. Equipped with a longitudinal glare shield and lateral baffles, the Billet conceals the light source and redirects the light toward the vertical surface without losing any of its efficiency. The proprietary inner kick-reflectors allow for uniform and flawless illumination, starting from the base of the wall and continuing to the top, offering a soft yet bold lighting effect, while maintaining exceptional glare control. The flexibility of Billet’s optics and LED combination allow for the selection of an incredibly precise colour temperature to harmonise with the environment and fit this particularly challenging application.

Through the mastery of the Lighting Designer, supported by a well-designed and quality-built lighting product, the end result was a breathtaking residence integrated perfectly into paradise. This challenging project exemplifies how the Billet is an invaluable tool in the hands of talented designers.