Registration opens for TAVA2021 international workshops

12th July 2021

(Estonia) – Architectural light and light art festival Tartu in Light (TAVA) will return for its third instalment this autumn.

One of the most important and attractive parts of the programme of this year’s festival is its series of interactive workshops. Running from 22-26 October, the workshop programme will include a series of IALD-led sessions, delivered by top professionals in the lighting design field: Veronika Mayerböck (Austria), CJ Brockway (USA), and Johan Moritz and Tina Wikström (Sweden).

In addition to the IALD workshops, the programme will feature a number of sessions for those interested in learning about light art, including a pixel mapping workshop led by Estonian visual artist Aleksander Sprohgis, and a technical sound and visual programming workshop led by Tatsuru Arai (Japan, Germany).

In the pixel mapping workshop, participants can create installations made of LED elements and learn about necessary programmes, techniques to combine LED strips and modules, and content creation. An installation borne out of the joint effort will be on display at the Light Fair at the Estonian National Museum.

In the technical sound and visual programming workshop, Tatsuru Arai will demonstrate how to combine new media, sound and light in MAX/Jitter. The workshop is designed for beginners, who will create files and learn the basics around creating sound and visuals. In addition, Arai will give a concert at TAVA2021, making for a night of electronic music.

The workshop week is open for participation to everyone interested in learning about architectural lighting design and light art. Due to limited numbers, interested participants are encouraged to register early.

More information on the workshops can be found here.