Residential Estate, Düsseldorf, Germany

11th January 2023

Lighting fixtures from ADO Lights have been used in the renovation of a listed courthouse as it has been transformed into an exclusive residential estate.

In the middle of Düsseldorf’s old town sits the former district and regional court – a listed building from the Wilhelmine era.

Following an extensive renovation of the building, it now houses an exclusive residential estate – an ensemble of new and old buildings with a wide variety of uses: in addition to condominiums, the estate also includes a hotel, serviced apartments, and a diverse range of catering, art and culture.

The stairs to the main entrance are equipped with slot channels made of stainless steel, which contribute to a clean, welcoming reception alongside entrance mats fitted with black burnished angle frames and sideward LED light lines. Recessed floor lights in the stairwell of the hotel/apartment area are also burnished.

The highlight inside the inner courtyard is an oval basin, subtly illuminated with a curved light line in combination with drainage channels and cover grids made of stainless steel. Gutters and gratings have the same look on the passages and façades, terraces, and balconies. In addition, slotted channels ensure optimal surface drainage.

A combination of fixtures from ADO Lights has been utilised to create the sleek lit finish. From its TTC Drainlights and slot channels, to recessed floor spotlights and its LED Light Lines.