Sam Neuman launches pool lighting project

(UK) – Sam Neuman and Mark Saxton launch pool lighting range, Lighthouse.

Start-up, Lightwater Design, has created the new Lighthouse range of underwater lighting with rectangular form and a mirrored finish, along with the latest LED technology and other features.

Lightwater Design was established by pool designer Mark Saxton and professional lighting designer Sam Neuman. By combining their range of skills and experience they have approached the design of pool lighting products from a unique angle.

Neuman, Founder and Partner at Lightwater Design said: “We are incredibly proud and excited to be in a position to bring this revolutionary concept to market. Manufactured in the UK to exacting standards, our pool lights are the result of extensive research and development, innovative design and rigorous testing. With the Lighthouse range we believe that pool designers and owners finally have a real alternative for underwater illumination.”

The rectangular shape of the Lighthouse range and clever casing design, make it easy to install. Saxton commented: “We realised early on that the installation and maintenance was of equal importance to the luxury look and feel of the product. As a result, we believe that we now have the most contractor-friendly lighting solution on the market.”

Lightwater Design have new products in the testing phase due for launch in 2015 and others on the drawing board.