Seoul Semiconductor to use Casambi wireless technology in SunLike Series

Seoul Semiconductor's SunLike Series LEDs are designed to replicate the natural spectrum of sunlight.

(Finland) – Casambi and Seoul Semiconductor to showcase collaboration at [d]arc room in September.

Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike Series LEDs can now be controlled via Casambi’s wireless control technology, as the two companies join forces.

The collaboration provides lighting designers with precision control of LED lights that match the spectrum of the sunlight, giving lighting designers and the lighting community the tools to create truly human-centric lighting solutions.

Designers can use Casambi’s Bluetooth-based wireless control system and app with products containing SunLike Series LEDs to precisely adjust the level of light, in the knowledge that the spectrum reflects real sunlight.

Casambi allows lights to be controlled by a timer, or by a huge variety of presence/motion sensors and ambient daylight detection sensors. It can control luminaires that shift in colour temperature over a very wide range, and designers have the freedom to configure dimming, and create scenes or animations to suit the particular application.

Timo Pakkala, co-founder of Casambi, said: “Casambi’s partnership with Seoul Semiconductor puts power into the hands of the lighting designer, who can use their expertise to decide how to customise the lighting to the needs of the particular application and the users of the space, and plan an effective human-centric solution based on the latest science.”

­Seoul Semiconductor will be demonstrating what Casambi can do with its SunLike Series of products at [d]arc room, held in London from 19-22 September 2019.