Stoane Lighting Host Annual Park Event

19th July 2023

(UK) – Stoane Lighting hosted its annual Park Event in London at the end of last month in Hackney, London. The company took over Frizzante Café to showcase new product, Mini G-Cat’ which was designed for Harrods Studio Frantzén with Lighting Design International.

A day sharing food, drink and opening conversations on dark skies lighting, decorative in-ground Mushrooms lit the path with a careful mix of red and amber LEDs; customisable to ensure the most nature friendly selection for a specifier’s location.

The highlight of the evening was a presentation by Roger Sexton with guests chronobiologist and neuroscientist Virginie Gabel from the Good Light Group, and UCL Professor Peter Raynham, who is supporting research that Stoane Lighting are currently undertaking in the light and health section. They introduced ‘The Workplace Light’ – practical response to inadequate indoor lighting; a problem that has a detrimental impact on the health of many. Virginie majored on sleep, why it is so important and how the right daytime light can help improve it.