Stoane Lighting launches ReNew division

2nd December 2020

(UK) – Division established to help deal with increased interest in repair or upgrade requirements.

As part of a concerted effort to be more sustainable, Scottish manufacturer Stoane Lighting has introduced ReNew, a new division that has been set up to help deal with increased interest in repair or upgrade requirements.

“Our focus for a long time, as a manufacturer, has been our impact on the environment,” the manufacturer states. “Since day one, we have believed that a product should be built to last. We continue the same ethos today and are developing product ranges with the Circular Economy front and centre – nearly all kit sporting a five-year warranty and further 20-year duty of care.”

Through the ReNew service, Stoane Lighting provides general repair, deep cleans and electrical safety checks on luminaires, as well as possible repainting, if needed. The division will also replace components that are nearing end of life, such as drivers and LEDs, and will also provide efficacy improvements in LEDs, drivers and optics. If the fittings are to be used in a new area, or the existing space is undergoing a change in use, ReNew can offer a different mounting method or light technical performance (such as colour tuning), if needed, alongside the addition of on-board wireless control.

Once fittings have been repaired or upgraded through ReNew, they will start a new five-year warranty period, and any unwanted parts will be recycled.

“The current global situation has helped us learn some valuable lessons on how we can do things better, ReNew is just one,” Stoane Lighting added. “We’ve opened ourselves up to scrutiny, looking at our standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. We have helped bring into being an open forum on the subject, welcoming input and questions from all corners of the industry, with the intention of learning and accelerating progress towards a Circular Economy.”

This open forum, the GreenLight Alliance, is due to go live shortly, and will act as an informal CIC intending to move the topic forward. Through this, Stoane Lighting has been working to arrive at a robust set of metrics and guidance to incorporate all aspects (raw components and luminaires, through to specification and deployment) within the Circular Economy. More information can be found at

Stoane Lighting has also released a detailed paper, showing how its ZTA range has been designed with the Circular Economy in mind. This is available to view on the Stoane Lighting website here.