Technology Centre, Minden, Germany

10th January 2023

To create a flexible, easily changeable lighting scheme, Teamlicht used motorised spotlights from ON Lichttechnik at Minden’s new Technology Centre.

Working alongside architectural office Dälken, lighting designers at Teamlicht have created a bright and airy environment for a new Technology Centre in Minden, Germany.

The entire complex was designed to be a modern, innovative workspace, and the lighting contributes to this greatly thanks to a flexible scheme that utilises motorised spotlights from ON Lichttechnik.

The interior design of the main atrium space is based on a fluid concept, with changing exhibitions from Follman Chemie and Triflex – companies that use the workspace. However, the vast height of the space meant that the lighting wasn’t as straightforward as first hoped.

“For our work, this meant that we had to develop a concept that can adjust to the various lighting requirements with minimal effort,” said Teamlicht. “Having this in mind, the idea came up to use motorised spotlights by ON Lichttechnik that can be controlled easily through wall panels. The spotlights are rotatable and tiltable, and can further change their beam angle.”

Complementing the artificial lighting, the architecture is characterised by abundant daylight, thanks to a glass façade that connects the interior with the exterior. As such, the lighting for both the interior and exterior was coordinated through an intelligent control system. A shading system was integrated into the control system. An example of this comes through pre-programmed lighting scenes in the auditorium – not only are spotlights directed and changed in brightness depending on the scene, but the shades move up and down based on the chosen scene.

The auditorium space can be split through a separating wall into three different sizes, making it suitable for meetings, training and other events. Here, the motorised spotlights are supported by recessed downlighting, with decorative pendants and indirect lighting adding a soft finish.

Looking back on the project, Teamlicht are satisfied with the success of the lighting scheme. “We were surprised how well our plan worked out. Through different lighting scenes, various room atmospheres were created. The auditorium is a good example of this: the lighting scene with a uniform and bright lighting allows for an active and concentrated training, while a dimmed down, high contrast lighting suits for an evening event,” said the designers.

“The usage of motorised spotlights was new for us, and is also the standout feature of the project. It makes the usage of the interior far more flexible.

“As a lighting designer, we have to take on the task of achieving targeted, atmospheric, efficient, and economical solutions for the project owner. The solution with the motorised spotlights showed us how comfortably and easily the lighting can be changed in a room by pressing one button.”