The Ivy Asia, London, UK

10th January 2023

Showcasing the Asian-inspired interior, lighting designers at 18fifty utilised fixtures from LEDFlex to create a decadent, intimate environment at The Ivy Asia in London’s Mayfair.

Located in the heart of London’s most exclusive neighbourhood, The Ivy Asia is the home to delicious Asian-inspired cuisine, incredible entertainment and lavish cocktails, set within a unique and vibrant décor.

The maximalist décor in The Ivy Asia is just as important to the overall experience as the cuisine. From the illuminated floor crafted from green, semi-precious stone to the cherry blossom trees with twinkling leaves, The Ivy Asia is designed to transport diners to a world beyond their imagination.

Lighting plays an integral part in enhancing this Asian-inspired interior as well as creating a lustrous yet cosy ambience for diners while highlighting focal design details, architecture and artwork for an experience that stuns the senses.

Lighting designer 18fifty specified LEDFlex premium lighting solutions to be integrated within this iconic restaurant chain across London, Guildford, Brighton, and Cardiff.

To set the ambient lighting, coffers in the ceiling throughout the restaurant use Lumen Line in 2300K from LEDFlex’s flagship Flexi Range. To create the golden illumination of the upper wall detail, corridors, and staircases, the 4mm wide Nano Flex HE in 2400K has further been integrated. The luminaire is additionally used to create a warm ambience within the seating booths.

Decadent focal areas of the restaurant such as the bar front, sushi bar, and private dining areas have been downlit using High Lumen Ultimo Neon Silicone in 2200K. As attention is drawn to the front of the bar, the rear is subtly backlit using Nano Flex HE in 2400K. The lighting scheme is also purposefully implemented to draw attention to eye-catching art and mirrors. While Ultimo Neon Silicone SV in 2200K is used to flexibly outline the mirrors, the stunning backlit artwork on the walls is illuminated using Lumen Line in 2300K.

The clever and considered interior design in combination with bespoke LEDFlex lighting solutions met the client’s expectations perfectly, ensuring that these luxury experience dining venues will be ingrained as an unforgettable adventure into the world of Asian inspired cuisine.

Image: Gavriil Papadiotis