Tridonic and Synergy Creativ support the ban fluorescent tubes with new sustainable remanufacturing scheme

30th August 2023

(UK & EU) – Tridonic and Synergy Creativ have joined forces to raise awareness of the opportunities being created through the ban of fluorescent tubes.

In September 2023, T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes will be removed from sale in the UK and Europe. This is part of wider changes made by the EU Commission to the RoHS Directive, governing how lamps containing mercury must be handled. While the removal from sale will require an adaptation in working practices, there is concern that removing the whole fluorescent fitting will lead to an increase of waste and usable components going to landfill.

To counter this, Tridonic and Synergy Creativ are calling for a more measured response that highlights the sustainable benefit of the ban. Namely a remanufacturing approach where the hardware can be left in situ and lighting components in the fixture can be upgraded. To maximise the opportunity provided by the ban, building owners and asset managers can reap the benefits. The two organisations say this will offer better in longevity than replacing the tube with an LED alternative.

The remanufacturing process will mean the existing fitting is fully upgraded and reconditioned. By using reputable companies to carry out this work, building owners and operators can be assured that the latest technologies will be utilised. Synergy Creativ offers remanufacturing services through its dedicated division, Revitalite. The process involves a site visit from a member of the technical team then a test fitting is produced which will be rolled out across the premises after approval.

The ban also presents the opportunity for lighting control to be explored. As part of a remanufacturing process, wireless controls can be added to the system without the need to run cables and therefore cause disruption. Coupled with the transition to LED lighting technology, cleaner and greener systems can be introduced.