Unilumin Sharklite

20th August 2021

Unilumin has recently launched the Sharklite series of street lighting products. The series has been designed for street and urban lighting applications by delivering high quality and performance. SharkLite is future oriented and smart ready with smart sensor interfaces to facilitate smart cities. With explicit optical design, SharkLite with its high visual comfort feature is dark sky friendly.

SharkLite has an efficacy of 150lm/W with lumen package options from 3000-22500lm, greatly reducing energy consumption and carbon emission while improving the urban lighting environment and safety.

With the future-proof NEMA and Zhaga control interface alternatives, the luminaires are sensor and smart ready for the smart city deployment. They can be connected to wireless CMS, enabling remote management of the street lighting infrastructure and improving the urban connectivity.

The luminaire is made of heavy duty die-casting aluminum for housing, PMMA and tempered glass for optics, and powder coated to enhance its corrosion resistance for harsh environment. Apart from that, most of the materials can be recyclable responding to circular economy initiatives.

Coupled with solar lighting system, it provides green and sustainable lighting solutions for off-grid areas and protects the environment in which we live.

With all the features and benefits, SharkLite can be widely used in public area lighting such as urban streets and roads, rural street and roads, residential streets, industrial streets, parks, parking lot, cycle and foot paths etc. to make it an ideal choice for public lighting applications.