WIL launches global equity survey

13th March 2023

(Worldwide) – In a change from previous years, Women in Lighting (WIL) has celebrated International Women’s Day with the launch of an online survey.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day was #EmbraceEquity, and as such, the survey looks to examine equity in regards to working practice in all aspects of the lighting industry.

“This year, the WIL project isn’t bringing you an event. Instead, we call upon you to help us to create a global gathering of information by completing our survey,” the group said.

“In order to embrace equity, we need to investigate it. Our hope is that this global gathering of data will not only highlight where equity is problematic, but also where it is positively thriving.

“The survey may originate from the Women in Lighting project, but it is for everyone. We want everyone to join in because we only get better together.”

The expansive survey is entirely anonymous, and all questions are optional. Results will be shared as aggregated data only with more responses leading to better end data. However, WIL stresses that if answering a particular question “acts as an identifier or makes you uncomfortable in any way, please move on to the next question”.

“Questions came from women and men around the world, and we thank everyone that responded with suggestions. Some questions may be irrelevant, but we want to cross reference many different things. For example, job fulfilment, digital equity and wellbeing can all be cross-referenced through the lens of gender equity.”

The full survey can be found online here.