Wila confirmed as Carbon Neutral organisation

4th October 2021

(UK) – Wila Lighting has confirmed its green credentials, securing its position as a Carbon Neutral company.

The standard is awarded by Carbon Footprint Ltd; an organisation working with blue-chip and mid-market companies to support them in reducing their carbon emissions and engaging in carbon offsetting. 

As part of its work, Carbon Footprint Ltd awards an industry-recognised standard to those companies that can demonstrate their carbon footprint status. To achieve this, organisations must complete a carbon footprint appraisal. 

For 2021, Wila has gone one step further and has been recognised at the highest level of Carbon Neutral+ standard. This demonstrates their commitment to supporting a range of additional environmental projects. 

Since 2008, when Wila committed to a carbon offsetting programme, the organisation has reduced its carbon emissions by 84%. This demonstrates the company’s true dedication to not only offsetting to neutralise, but also actively reducing their initial output, which they have achieved significantly over the past 13 years. 

As part of their carbon neutral activity, Wila has chosen to support a UK tree planting project. In addition to VCS offset – a project that aims to reduce deforestation in Brazil – trees will be planted that will sequester carbon over their lifetime, as well as providing habitats for wildlife. 

Matt Vogel, Managing Director from Wila said: “We’re very proud of our work over the past decade to offset our carbon emissions, as well as significantly reducing our initial output. Our team has worked hard to achieve the Carbon Neutral+ Standard, and we continue to be committed to being more sustainable in our activities and processes.”