WILD: Starting the Anti-Racism Conversation

In this panel discussion, Women In Lighting Design (WILD) have a frank and conscious conversation about racism, white privilege, and what we can do to better the lives of other people.

Through this conversation, WILD aimed to create a brave space for honest conversations about this hard topic. “We understand that one chat about this doesn’t fix it, but we’re digging in to start to understand what perpetuates racism and how we as members of society can help change the narrative and do better,” said WILD.

Hosts Sara Blanchard and Alicia Biggs – diverse facilitators and leaders in this space – help to guide the panel on what we should be talking about, how to have these conversations with and without people of colour, and where we can all go to learn and be educated. In particular, the panel discusses:

  • How we begin to interrupt uncomfortable dialogue with practical examples in our industry
  • The importance of critical thinking and the questions we ask ourselves, and how it applies to racism awareness
  • The actionable items to do after this discussion to do your part going forward

Anyone interested in reaching out to Blanchard or Biggs for future speaking opportunities can contact me@sarablanchard.com or msbiggs2@aol.com.

Video courtesy of WILD Denver.