Workshop Heads revealed for Lights in Alingsås 2022

30th March 2022

(Sweden) – Organisers of Lights in Alingsås have announced the Workshop Heads for the 2022 event.

Returning for its 23rd year, workshop heads for this year’s light festival include: Mieke Goessling; Jonathan Plumpton; Kay Flounders; Martina Alagna; Berry van Egten and Ellen Goulmy; and Michaela Bonzi and Frank Seemann.

For the first time since before the pandemic, the annual light festival was able to invite the workshop heads to a concept meeting in the Swedish town of Alingsås this month. During the weekend-long session the theme for this year’s event was introduced, and the designers were able to walk the lighting trail for the first time, before choosing the locations that they wish to illuminate this autumn – the theme and route will be officially revealed later in the spring.

Having already been a workshop head in 2008, Berry van Egten said: “Lights in Alingsås is a beautiful place, which Ellen and I visit every year. We love the town and the concept of the event – we love to teach and inspire the participants with our love for lighting.”

Kay Flounders added: “The opportunity to be involved with Lights in Alingsås is so special. To bring lighting designers and students from around the world together to produce an event that allows people to be immersed in light is something truly wonderful.”

Find out more about the workshop heads here.

Lights in Alingsås 2022 workshop heads (L-R): Frank Seemann, Ellen Goulmy, Kay Flounders, Berry van Egten, Michaela Bonzi, Martina Alagna, Jonathan Plumpton and Mieke Goessling.