2016 Codega Prize winners announced

2016 winners

(Italy) – Fourth edition of Codega Prize welcomes 110 people to Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.

The fourth edition of the Codega Prize, the international recognition of LED solutions and lighting design excellences, was successfully attended by over 110 people from the academic and professional world.

Gathered together in the wonderful setting of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Friday 7th October saw the announcement of some names of excellence in the world of lighting design.

Now in its fourth edition, the Codega Prize is an international recognition of lighting design excellence, which is awarded to professionals for their creativity and know-how in the application of transforming LED technologies in new ideas. Promoted by Assodel (Italian Federation of Electronics Clusters) in partnership with IDEA (International Distribution of Electronics Association), under the patronage of APIL (Italian Association of Lighting Professionals), the prize aims at disseminating the importance of the quality and versatility of LED lighting and of an intelligent and integrated use of light.

Great satisfaction from the jury was expressed for the presence of very high quality projects and for the presence, among the finalists of the prize, of outstanding installations and projects created by famous names of the international lighting design industry, such as Pfarré Lighting Design (Germany), ÅF lighting (Sweden), Aureolighting (Spain), James Poore Lighting Design (UK), Brian Orter LD (USA), Licht 01 (Germany), Molindris + Associates (Greece), and Michael Grubb (UK). Among Italian finalists, other important names, like Simone Micheli Architectural Hero, Romano Baratta Lighting Studio and Pasetti Lighting were also of note.

The winners of the fourth edition:


The first prize of the Lighting Design category went to the lighting project of the Museum of the Duomo of Florence by Massimo Iarussi Studio: In the museum, the light is used to engage visitors rather than just to highlight the exhibits. It is a highly technical and well executed project showing the best elements presents in the exhibition with the best technical solution and taking care of maintenance.”

Second place for the Bolon Eyewear project realised in Shanghai by Gerd Pfarrè – Pfarrè Lighting: “A simple yet stunning solution for retail display. Interesting integration of lighting in new materials and furniture and the use of the light to create a complex wall for exhibiting the products. Lighting seems to be on the glasses. Materials and lighting interplay cared.”

Third place for the wonderful project of the Dreamy SPA by Simone Micheli Architectural Hero: “An emotional lighting system, thought to involve visitors, which is very well executed and perfectly integrated in the environment. The light is used to highlight the various elements of the SPA and to create relaxing and comfortable atmospheres. Light and water are melt together creating a unique beautiful and elegant environment.”

Special mention for another lighting design project, the Avila Nightscape, realised by Rafael Gallego of Aureolighting: “An incredibly wide project which, for its technical details and its relation to Avila’s urban landscape, is something unique, which is difficult to compare to other projects. Everything has been studied in the detail, with the purpose of emphasising the cultural heritage aspects of the city.”


For the LED solutions category, the first prize went to Moonflower by Linea Light: “A very innovative solution with an appealing design, thanks to the use of RGB LEDs. Moonflower can create different scenarios with selectable programs. A dynamic decorating wall which can influence mood and emotions.”

A special mention went to Acqua by Cini&Nils: “Lightness and elegance make this design product a special piece of furniture. With different configurations, it is a versatile and functional solution, based on a masterly use of LEDs.”

Information on the prize

The Codega Prize has been held contemporary to ILLUMINOTRONICA – the Italian fair on LED lighting and smart solutions organised in Padua (www.illuminotronica.it) from the 6th to the 8th of October.

The Jury of the Codega Prize is composed by qualified experts of the lighting and electronics sectors:

Domenico Caserta – President of Assodel

Stefano Catucci – Director of Lighting Design Master at La Sapienza University of Roma

Paul James – mondo*arc Editor-in-chief

Gary Kibblewhite – Past president of IDEA

Francesco Iannone – Lighting designer

Massimo Malaguti – Past Director of Univeneto

Fabio Peron – Teacher at IUAV University of Venice

Maurizio Rossi – Director of Lighting Design & LED Technology Master at Politecnico of Milan

Paola Urbano – Lighting Designer, Co-founder of APIL and Member of its Board