A Panorama of the Skies, USA

21st April 2016

Through collaboration with Hrvoje Benko, a human-computer interaction researcher at Microsoft, artist Maja Petric has transformed a standard, every day conference room at the Microsoft 99 Building in the US, into a truly interactive audiovisual installation aimed at creating a truly emotional experience.

A Panorama of the Skies is an interactive audiovisual installation created in collaboration between artist Maja Petric and Hrvoje Benko, a human-computer interaction researcher at Microsoft Research.

Maha Petric is an artist working at the interface of science, technology and art. She holds the Docorate in Digital Art and Experimental Media from the University of Washington and a Masters degree in new media art from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Together, the duo have been researching the possibilities of immersive technologies through which a space can be experienced emotionally. Their focus has been on the innovative application of audiovisual experience that engages perception, emotion and imagination and morphs experience of space.

For this project, the duo transformed the experience of an otherwise normal conference room at Microsoft’s Building 99, through the use of audiovisual content, with a multi-projector and multi-depth-camera framework called RoomAlive Toolkit. The system uses five projectors and eight Kinect cameras to acquire a detailed map of the room, register the projectors and cameras into a single coordinate system, and enable real-time projection mapping in the immersive scene.

The sound was created by Daniel Peterson, a doctoral student at the University of Washington’s Center for Digital Art and Experimental Media with an emphasis on composition, spatial sound, ambisonics and spectral analysis.

Pic: Arturi Ortiz