Acolyte expands in Middle East

Garry James, Vice President of Operations, Acolyte LED.

(Asia) – Garry James brings wealth of knowledge, experience and diverse client base to Acolyte’s Middle East team. 

Acolyte LED has increased its global sales footprint with the addition of a new Vice President of Operations and sales offices to cover Middle East region.

Garry James joins the team in the Middle East region as the Vice President of Operations. The expansion is due to the increasing interest in the Acolyte product line and architectural explosion in Middle East region.

James has been an integral contributor to the GCC lighting industry for over 25 years. His early career saw him pioneer the introduction of fiber optic lighting systems into the region with his brand Fibrepros. James’ passion for the world of LED technology and the Litepros brand soon followed.

He has spent his career in lighting successfully representing and managing international and national brands. He joined Acolyte with a wealth of knowledge, experience and a solid reputation with a diverse client base.

He is a long-term member of the Light House Group, a construction industry charity, based in Dubai. His enthusiasm for travel, regional current affairs and cultural diversity serve him well in the multi-national business community.

“As the Acolyte business continues to grow in the global lighting marketplace, we have added Garry to maintain our current client relationships and expand our brand’s reach in the very important Middle East market,” said Acolyte President and COO Scott Vontobel.