ÅF Lighting incorporates Oscar Nyström Lighting Designer

Oscar Nyström and Julia Ekman

(Sweden) – Oscar Nyström and Julia Ekman open doors into southern Europe and Middle East, strengthening ÅF Lighting’s international expansion.

ÅF Lighting keeps growing. In April, it integrated the company Oscar Nyström Lighting Designer into its team, welcoming two lighting designers to its Stockholm office: Oscar Nyström and Julia Ekman.

Having graduated from London’s City of Westminister College, Oscar Nyström set out as freelancing a lighting designer in 1992. In 1999, he started his own company, choosing to focus on the international market. Today he has more than 20 years’ experience, from three continents, of lighting various types of environments.

“Our recent lighting projects span from prestigious luxury hotels, private houses and flats to zoos, yachts, shops and restaurants,’’ said Nyström. He claims that it is possible to fit a creative and innovative lighting design to any project and any budget, and he hopes this conviction will form part of his contribution to ÅF Lighting.

Nyström loves a challenge and non-standard projects, allowing him to integrate lighting and create an atmosphere. He believes that lighting should not be noticed as such but perceived as a living element – it should add a 24-hour pulse to environments and thrill spectators. Julia Ekman is also a trained lighting designer and Nyström’s colleague of five years.

”No project is too small or too large. The main thing is that there is some creative ambition,” said Ekman. ”What matters most is that our profession receives the recognition it deserves. A lighting designer should be involved from the start of every project.”

As Oscar Nyström Lighting Designer integrates its customer portfolio and experience with that of ÅF Lighting, the company strengthens its position on the international market.

Daniel Strömberg, Manager of ÅF Lighting in Stockholm, said: ”With the addition of Oscar and Julia we form a stronger unit, where we can all develop. The integration is an important step in the international expansion of ÅF Lighting. This opens doors into southern Europe and the Middle East, which is very exciting. Our New Nordic Lighting design is much in demand abroad.”