Alfred Borden, The Lighting Practice Founder, to retire at end of year

(USA) – The Founder and Principal of The Lighting Practice to retire on 23 December.

Alfred Borden, Founder and Principal of The Lighting Practice (TLP), will retire on 23 December 2020, the company has announced. Borden has been a leader at TLP for more than 30 years, founding the studio in 1989 as a place where like-minded individuals could come together and make a positive impact through lighting design.

“I wanted to build a firm that was not dependent on my presence to succeed, which is why the firm is named The Lighting Practice, and not Al Borden Lighting Design,” Borden said.

Borden’s passion of light and understanding of its power began in the theatre; after graduating with an MFA in Theatrical Design from NYU, Borden started lighting dance, opera and musicals in New York and Philadelphia. His desire to work in a more permanent and accessible venue brought him to architectural lighting, and The Lighting Practice.

Throughout his career, Borden has illuminated thousands of buildings, driven by storytelling as the basis for how design decisions are made. His creativity, curiosity and commitment to unparalleled service became part of TLP’s culture.

In 2009, Borden looked to the future, as Helen Diemer became President and majority shareholder of TLP. Borden and Diemer together made the studio a success, inspiring long-term loyalty and growth amongst its team and clients. Diemer will continue to lead the firm as President, alongside partners Michael barber, Jered Widmer, Emad Hasan and Jonathan Hoyle. “I am confident in the leadership of my partners, and know that they will continue the success of The Lighting Practice after I retire,” said Borden.

“Al has been a great business partner and my dear friend for many years. We have built a business and a team together that neither of us could have done on our own,” said Diemer. “Al’s vision of The Lighting Practice recognised that two heads are better than one and good ideas can become great ideas when we all work together. I look forward to continuing that mission in collaboration with my other partners.

“We will miss Al and we will always be inspired by his creativity and determination. We wish him all the best in his next chapter.”

In an official statement, Borden said:

“To my Partners, Colleagues, Clients, Peers, and Family:

“Thank you for your friendship, your guidance, and for challenging me. You have made me a better designer and businessman. While the decision to leave The Lighting Practice and retire from lighting design was not easy, it was made easier by my confidence in my partners and the future of this firm. I have dedicated many years of my time and energy to The Lighting Practice, I am proud of our team and proud to have played a role in the firm’s 30+ years of success. I often refer to The Lighting Practice as my fourth child. And as with all children, there comes a day when the parents must step aside and let go, let their children determine their own path. I am confident in The Lighting Practice’s next generation’s leadership and the firm’s continued success.

“In retirement, I look forward to slower days, creative projects, reading, travel, more time with my family, and a wide range of tie-dye shirts and bucket hats (isn’t that what retired people wear?).

Thank you,
Alfred Borden, FIALD, MIES, CLD
Retiree in Training