(USA) – Amerlux unveil new showroom at headquarters with hands on experiences.

New corporate headquarters for Amerlux, based in Oakland NJ, has developed a brand new 7,000 sqft showroom and lounge, providing a unique hands on learning experience. Clients that come to the headquarters will be able to learn firsthand how to realise the power of the latest lighting technologies Amerlux has to offer. The showroom will guide you through application, control, colour tuning and warm, dim real-life applications.

“Our new showroom is an elegant lighting application center that demonstrates how to use the latest LED technologies while doubling as a classroom for hands-on training of what goes into an Amerlux product that makes it so Special,” said Amerlux CEO/President Chuck Campagna. “The room can be used for actual interactive AIA/CEU courses, and to host meetings for the local chapters of the AIA, IES and other professional organizations. It also can be used for training sessions and educational seminars with distributors, contractors and the lighting community.”

The stylish, architecturally designed, showroom was built with flexibility with removable walls and a 24ft high ceiling, allowing the ability to manipulate the showroom for various applications and environments. It contains a black room / test lab, which allows visitors to witness comparisons of colour rendering and beam control, as well as light distribution at a height of up to 24 feet.

“Displays include urban apartments, offices, retail, hospitality, supermarkets, commercial and exterior spaces, as well as a black room lab,” said Mr. Campagna. “They are all designed to be re-lit quickly with any product that our customers may want to see.”

The advanced technologies from Amerlux demonstrate warm dimming, colour tuning, IoT and optics that deliver effective and efficient light beams. Designers and clients that are invited to experience the interactive showroom are offered to choose from a selection of the industry’s latest controls that are most suited to meet their needs. These include everything from IoT to photocell and motion, as well as colour rendering and dimming. Additionally, data collection sensors that reveal consumer purchasing analytics and tools that grow plants and “produce” under illumination will also be available.

“Our new showroom is here to use and all are welcome to utilize it for their next lighting event,” continued Mr. Campagna. “Customers and designers can come kick the tires per se, to make sure they are using the proper lighting fixtures in their layouts. Come and witness first-hand our passion for lighting and dedication to creating high-performance lighting custom tailored to your exact specifications.”