Amsterdam Light Festival adapts for 2020

Butterfly Effect by Masamichi Shimada, from Amsterdam Light Festival 2019 (Pic: Janus van den Eijnden)

(Netherlands) – Festival launches theatrical new walking experience entitled The Light Walk.

Due to the ongoing regulations concerning Covid-19, organisers of Amsterdam Light Festival have adapted the annual event so that it can still safely go ahead.

The ninth edition of the festival, which will take place from 10 December to 3 January under the theme ‘When Nature Calls’, will no longer feature its well-known boat experience. Instead, the event will include a new theatrical walking experience: The Light Walk.

During the Light Walk, visitors will stroll through the eastern part of the city centre of Amsterdam, crossing well-known squares and passing through hidden gardens. While on the walk, theatrical producer and creative director Lucas De Man will send visitors videos, photos and audio messages via WhatsApp.

In a story full of information and humour, visitors will learn about light art, the city and nature. The walk is interactive, meaning that the visitor decides whether they want to hear more about light art, or more about the city and its history.

“I believe that storytelling leads to a valuable experience for visitors. In this new setup you move from one work of art to another in a logical sequence,” said Lucas De Man. “We strive for more storytelling, more experience and more social involvement – at an appropriate distance because of corona, but closely connected in feeling and deeds.”

Festival Director Frédérique ter Brugge added: “It is especially important in times like these to bring relief to the city and to find and help each other. This is why we work in clusters, connecting artists with scientists, partners, primary school students and educational and governmental institutions. The social side of our festival is developing in collaboration with social partners through the so-called ‘buddy system’, where we connect people from vulnerable groups to enthusiastic volunteers.”