Anolis appoints Peer Oestergaard as Sales Director

(Czech Republic) – Architectural LED lighting manufacturer Anolis has appointed Peer Oestergaard as Sales Director.

Oestergaard will manage and co-ordinate Anolis’ global sales team as the brand continues to build its profile, visibility and reputation internationally.

Anolis Director Tim Van de Eede stated: “We are delighted to have someone of Peer’s calibre and talent on-board. His personality, approach to business and smart outlook is the perfect match for us, and we share the same core visions for taking Anolis to the next level of operation.”

Oestergaard brings years of experience and skills to the Anolis team, having most recently co-ordinated complex international business for two other well-known architectural/architainment lighting brands.

Oestergaard has been working as a professional lighting designer since the 1980s and has always had a keen interest in architecture and the way dynamic lighting can transform and bring to life different spaces, objects and environments, from artworks to industrial, commercial and residential buildings. He also brings with him extensive contacts and a skill of thinking out-of-the-box when establishing new business opportunities.

“I am lucky enough to have worked on lighting some truly landmark projects worldwide over the years,” explained Oestergaard.

“I see huge potential in the brand. Anolis is already well established in certain areas, and has a name for outstanding quality and for thinking laterally to deliver practical custom requirements as needed.

“Anolis is a company of the future and I am looking forward to being part of a very positive and long term journey,” he affirmed.

Van den Eede added: “We are hugely excited to welcome Oestergaard and are all looking forward to a great collaboration and to him embracing the spirit and essence of our brand. This is the first of several important upcoming announcements for Anolis over the coming months.”