Ansorg appoints new CEO and COO

(Germany) – Matthias Hummel is appointed as the new CEO of Ansorg this summer, along with Tim Schnieder as COO one month previous.

Hummel took over the as CEO at Ansorg on 1 August 2019. One month previously Tim Schnieder joined the Mülheim-based lighting expert as COO.

“By contributing our experience we can facilitate Ansorg’s development into a leading international retail lighting expert,” explained Hummel. “We want to provide bespoke services in the very highest quality to customers all over the world – now and in the future.”

In times of continuous dynamic change in the lighting market, the company will benefit from Hummel’s uncompromising service orientation and more than 25 years of international retail expertise. He played an instrumental role in Vizona’s development into a leading international shopfitting service provider.

Schneider contributes extensive supply chain experience gained on different continents to the future development of Ansorg. He has various areas of expertise, including excellent project management know-how, experience in the implementation of international expansion strategies and an in-depth knowledge of process optimisation. 

Visitors to the international EuroShop retail trade fair in Düsseldorf in early 2020 can gain hands-on insights into the future of retail lighting.

“Light plays a very important role in the retail industry because it adds emotional appeal to the shopping experience. Today’s retailers have to deliver an authentic brand experience to consumers – because that experience affects them at a far deeper emotional level than the product they are buying. And light is the key,” said Schnieder. 

Before embarking on his career, Schnieder gained a degree in mechanical engineering from Osnabrück University and a degree in business management from Coventry University in the United Kingdom. After graduating in 2007 he joined Philips, where he held various functions in international supply chain management. In 2017 he was appointed as Head of Procurement in the Innovation and Strategy business unit. Since July 2019 he has been contributing his wide-ranging experience to the international expansion of the supply chain and continuous process optimisation at Ansorg. 

The new CEO, Hummel, hails from the German city of Freiburg. He started his career in the wood-processing industry in 1992 after studying woodworking technology in Rosenheim. Two functions down the line the engineer’s career took off with his appointment as Shopfitting Project Manager and Regional Manager at Vitrashop in 1995. In 2004 he was appointed as Managing Director of Vizona, later assuming responsibility for the entire Vizona Group. Hummel has remained loyal to the group with his move to the Ansorg executive management.