Artingstall launches Artin Light

30th April 2018

(UK) – Artin Light is a new independent lighting design consultancy based in Manchester, UK.

Having worked in the lighting design industry for more than ten years, Luke Artingstall has now launched Artin Light, an independent lighting design consultancy based in Manchester, UK.

Throughout his career, Artingstall has worked on a number of high profile architectural schemes across a variety of design sectors. His experience ranges from master planning public realm schemes, historic architecture and conservation projects, commercial office design, hospitality and hotel design and light art installations.

Artingstall said: “Launching Artin Light as a design consultancy in Manchester has always been my ambition and target. Manchester is a growing city and has huge and exciting potential for the future. Manchester has grown in the international press, and is fast becoming one of the most exciting cities in the world to visit. As a designer who is passionate about lighting and our industry, I’m determined to promote and further the development of architectural lighting design in the North of England.

“London has been a key stronghold for lighting design practices and will always be, however I want to help Manchester raise the profile of lighting design on an international scale, and this is why I’m excited to launch Artin Light amongst the lighting community.”

Artingstall established Artin Light to be a lighting design consultancy that takes a collaborative approach to design, allowing for cross-pollination with other creative industries, creating unique environments, inspired by the digitally influenced and connected world that we live in.

He continued: “I want us to push our creative boundaries by unrestricting the design process and creating a dreamscape canvas for our designers and clients. I know the world we live in has its restrictions physically and commercially, however Its our job to push these boundaries to their limits, giving our clients something special, unique and personalised to their brand.

“Encouraging cross collaboration with other creative industries and individuals creates an excitement of unknowns, and opens the door to new possibilities of lighting design and the way we use it in architectural environments. This isn’t just about lighting design, its about entering new territories of technology inspired design, which affects us day to day, but also pushes the boundaries of artist expression in the lighting world.”

Luke Artingstall, founder of Artin Light.