Aura Light UK moves into long life, low energy luminaires

(UK) – Long established lamp manufacturer grows into the fixtures market, offering a number of commercial and industrial LED fittings.

A relocation to larger new premises earlier this year has signified a new direction for Aura Light in the UK, for it has now grown into the fixtures market from its long established base as a lamp manufacturer.

In the fast expanding LED market, Aura Light now offers a number of commercial and industrial LED fittings. From modular ceiling luminaires for offices, through to LED light engines for spots and downlights and LED equivalents of high bay and low bay fittings for industrial applications and car parks.

Aura Light’s acquisition of Zobra, a Swedish luminaire manufacturer, in February has brought with it the Noral brand and its complete exterior lighting range.

Simon Taylor, Managing Director commented: “We now have a very comprehensive offer in sustainable lighting solutions covering both interiors and exteriors. We have become a technology independent company providing not only LED but also HID and fluorescent options, all with guaranteed life.”

“Our reputation in the long life market, regardless of whether it’s our 80,000 hour T8 lamps or our exciting new LED product range, has put us at the forefront of long life solutions.”