Basalte keypads now Crestron connected

(UK) – Basalte’s Sentido and Enzo lines of multi-function, touch-sensitive keypads, are now Crestron Connected, allowing integration into system designs to control lights and shades.

Crestron has announced that through its partnership with Basalte, the Sentido and Enzo lines of decorative, multi-functional, touch-sensitive keypads are now Crestron Connected.

This means that Crestron residential dealers can now integrate them in their system designs to control lights, shades, HVAC, and more. Crestron Connected technology enables interoperability among diverse, independently manufactured products to deliver significantly smarter homes with technologies that all work well together.

“This is truly exciting news for our residential dealers,” said John Clancy, Vice President, Residential at Crestron. “Basalte products give them the potential to take their system designs to a higher level of functionality, customisation, and sophistication.”

Basalte keypads are multi-functional and combine sophisticated European design with high-quality materials and innovative technology. The touch-sensitive surfaces in high-grade finishes such as aluminium, bronze, glass, and leather, plus integrated temperature sensor and unique multi-touch functionalities, provide highly intuitive control of lights, shades, HVAC and more. The integrated multicolour LED backlight provides visibility in the dark and status feedback.

Klaas Arnout, CEO at Basalte, added: “We’re very excited about this unique partnership, especially since more customers can now enjoy our handmade products in their luxury homes, apartments, and yachts.

“This direct integration with Crestron systems ensures a straightforward installation of our keypads, while the refined aesthetics appeal to any interior designer’s requirements.”