Casambi and Feilo Sylvania collaborate

Bastiaan de Groot, Director Smart Lighting and Controls at Feilo Sylvania and Gerhard Romen, SVP Sales Marketing at Casambi

(China) – Finnish wireless technologies specialist and Feilo Sylvania partner to provide luminaires with fully integrated wireless control and built-in bluetooth beacons.

At this year’s Light & Building, Feilo Sylvania and Casambi partnered to showcase the power, convenience and functionality of Bluetooth low energy-enabled lighting solutions and location based services via iBeacons integrated into luminaires. Taking the best-of-breed products from Feilo Sylvania and integrating Casambi technology creates fixtures that enable all capabilities of a full professional light control as well as Internet of Things services. Luminaires are not any more just single point solutions but have become intelligent devices that interact with their neighbours as part of the most modern Bluetooth mesh network technology providing ambient lighting as well as being internet service points.

Casambi and Feilo Sylvania have been working together for one and a half years, exploring, testing and getting the joint solution to market. The implementation allows not only full control of the luminaires including dimming, colour temperature and full RGB settings but also the mesh network enabling them to act together to form more complex scenes and offer new services.

Casambi has implemented beacon technology in its modules and Feilo Sylvania has worked with its customers to develop meaningful applications around this technology including indoor navigation and location-based messaging. For example, this makes it possible for retailers to send personalised discount vouchers to their customers based on their location in the store (and this works even when a mobile phone is on standby in a pocket) or, to help people navigate a museum and trigger multimedia content to play on their smartphone based on their location.

As the Bluetooth beacon technology comes already as a feature with the Feilo Sylvania luminaires, retailers have the option to roll-out a beacon network instantly on a national scale without any additional CAPEX investment. Retailers can trial the Beacon technology as a service paying a monthly fee and turn it off if it does not generate enough additional value.

Bastiaan de Groot, Director Lighting Control, Feilo Sylvania stated: “With five out of ten retailers currently experimenting with Bluetooth Beacons in their store, we believe the usage of Bluetooth Beacons will see an explosive growth over the next few years. By integrating beacon services in our luminaires with the Casambi technology, we are creating significant cost savings for our customers in terms of installation costs, battery replacement and the ability to distribute software updates. Feilo Sylvania is already engaging with key companies installing Beacon enabled luminaires in the United Kingdom.”

Timo Pakkala, CEO of Casambi Technologies, commented: “Working successfully with Feilo Sylvania enables a new broad base of business customers to enable and exploit new services, taking luminaires from lighting to the Internet of Things, thus becoming the basis for a whole range of new services. The great progress and positive interaction between both companies shows the strength of two worlds. We are committed to supporting and driving the industry towards its next evolutionary stage.”