Chris Lewis, Principal Designer at LDI, to retire on 1 April

(UK) – Lewis to retire after 38 years in the lighting industry.

Lighting Design International (LDI) has announced that Principal Designer Chris Lewis will retire on 1 April, after 38 years in the lighting industry.

Working alongside Sally Storey, Founding Director of LDI, Lewis has been an integral part of the studio’s growth and development, and the success it is today.

Lewis’ passion and interest in lighting began when he chose to design a light fixture at Ravensbourne College of Art and Design. He began experimenting with light and soon became fascinated with the play of light on surfaces. This was later augmented by a seminar on lighting design given by Janet Turner of Concord Lighting, who showed examples of how a space can be transformed by the use of light and how the right light can enhance forms, colours and materials within a space.

Throughout his career, Lewis has worked on a wide variety of amazing projects, and has inspired those around him with his commitment to projects, and the quality of his work.

Some of the notable projects that he has worked on include: One Aldwych Hotel, London (1999); Grand Bretagne Hotel Athens, remodelled for the Olympics in 2004; The ‘Long Room’ at Lords Cricket Ground, London (2004); ‘Lumiere’ in Paris (2004), which at the time was the largest privately owned office building in Europe; Fifty, a casino in central London (2004); the Savoy Hotel, London (2010); the Imperial Hotel Vienna (2014); Fera, a restaurant at Claridge’s London (2017); Aquilla super yacht (2017); and the Four Seasons, Astir Palace Hotel in Athens (2019). Many of these have been recognised with lighting design awards.

Speaking of his retirement, Lewis said: “I would just like to say a big thank you to Sally Storey and everyone I have worked with at Lighting Design International for being such a great team to work with.

“I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at LDI and the challenges that have arisen. When I joined all those years ago, I had no idea I would end up working on so many fantastic projects, with so many amazing designers, in so many different countries. I feel truly fortunate to have had a career doing something that I have really enjoyed.

“But now it is time to do other things. As a departing note, I wish Sally and everyone I have worked with over the years, the very best for the future.”

Sally Storey added: “Chris has been such an inspiration to work with. He has been responsible for many of the great projects that have made LDI what it is today, and he has guided the design team to achieve an excellence in all that they do and continue to do so. He will be greatly missed, and his passion and attention to detail will live on. We wish him all the best in his retirement.”