CLUE competition winners announced

21st March 2017

(France) – Third edition ‘One For Light, Light For All’ receives over 331 project entries from 64 countries.

For the third edition of its international lighting design competition, the Community Lighting for The Urban Environment (CLUE) invited design students and emerging professionals to reflect on the personalisation of public spaces through lighting solutions.

The competition received over 331 projects from 64 countries, marking this a record year in participation for the CLUE. Selected by an international jury of seven industry professionals, this year’s winners represent the innovative nature, intelligence and diversity of this year’s submittals.

This year’s top three projects are as follows:

First Prize – Collective Polyphony (Ireland) 

The first prize of $5,000 was awarded to Andras Dankhazi (Ireland) for his project Collective Polyphony. The project aims to restore life at an abandoned oceanic shore in Dublin by planting multiple touch controls to generate light and translate, in real-time the tidal level, temperatures, strength, height of waves and ever-changing seascape. This network of lighting forms a connection between land, sea and people in true polyphony.

Second Prize – Shape-Shifting Lights (Iran)

Mina Saadatfard, Zahra Haghi and Hamid Peyro from Iran were awarded second prize of $2,500 for their project Shape-Shifting Lights, which seeks to create a conceptual public installation that could be altered and changed by people according to their need for a concentrated lighting. The structure is a flexible and re-producible urban artefact, which acts both as furniture and personalised lighting installation.

Third Prize – WheelLight (Spain)

The Spanish duo composed of Helena Trias and Samuel Laguarta were awarded the third prize of $1000 for their project WheelLight. Their proposition brings light where darkness is the main character – particularly in disadvantaged rural areas – with a playful light wheel. The transformation of a cyclic movement, a dynamo and a light-emitting diode would brighten inhabitant’s daily lives. Powered solely by the user, it offers light to many.

The next edition of the CLUE Competition will be announced in September 2017. To learn more about the winning projects, don’t miss the upcoming interviews with the winners, which will be posted on the Philips Lighting Blog in April and May 2017.

First Prize – Collective Polyphony, Andras Dankhazi (Ireland).