ESL French distributor for Visual Productions

(Netherlands) – ESL will distribute full range of Visual Productions lighting control products to all areas of Entertainment and Architectural markets.

ESL France, established in 1992 has offices in both Montpelier and Paris. They introduced one of the most comprehensive catalogues of stage and entertainment lighting products to the French market which continues today to be a staple requirement for industry professionals. Coupling distribution and excellent technical service, ESL have built a strong network of dealers and customers throughout France. In 2013 they introduced the architectural division of ESL in the Paris office.

The teams at Visual Productions and ESL have long standing business friendships with each other, that over the years have allowed both companies to see the strong direction they can now grow in the market together. With the ongoing development of the CueCore family of Solid-state controllers and the recent addition of the Cuety App, Visual Productions now offer a complete range that comprehensively suits the ESL customer base.

ESL stated: “The products are the only in the market to operate both Mac OS, Windows and Linux. They have powerful solutions that address both live and permanent installations. Around the Cuelux and CueluxPro softwares, comes a nice set of solid-state devices. In short everything you need for a well-managed network.”

Visual Productions’ Zoe Castle said: “With a strong large sales force working with dealers throughout France, a comprehensive catalogue and highly competent technical team, ESL is a perfect fit for for our full product range from Cuety in DJ/ LJ market through to the high end solid-state architectural installation products. The true bonus is of course to work with such a dedicated, friendly and fun team of people!”