ÅF Lighting expands to Uppsala

(Sweden) – New recruits Andreas Wiil and Andreas Almstedt set up office on behalf of ÅF Lighting, strengthening its range of services in the region.

ÅF continues to grow its lighting business. In Uppsala, new recruits Andreas Wiil and Andreas Almstedt have recently set up office on behalf of ÅF Lighting.

For ÅF, lighting design and planning is a growing business area. Currently, ÅF has some 70 employees at offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Oslo and Copenhagen. Recently, another two were recruited. They will be based at the ÅF office in Uppsala, where the company has established operations within the heating, ventilation and sanitation, electrical installations and urban planning departments. In other words, ÅF is strengthening its range of services in this region.

Wiil and Almstedt are Uppsala-based lighting designers with extensive experience. Both have studied lighting design in Jönköping and were previously employed by Projektel.

Wiil, a former ÅF employee, was the first to be asked, and quick to accept: “I enjoyed working at ÅF and have kept in touch with my old colleagues there, but I chose another employer as my daily commute was too long. Therefore, it was an easy decision when I was asked to form part of their new lighting unit in Uppsala.’’

As further co-workers were required, Wiil suggested his colleague Almstedt. The latter has participated in major infrastructure projects and is also a licensed electrician, with five years experience of electrical installations.

Almstedt commented: “It felt like a set-up with good prospects. We know each other well, we work well together and share an approach to lighting matters. Also, there is a demand for good lighting design here in Uppsala!’’

Daniel Strömberg, ÅF Lighting Manager in Stockholm, was the one to initiate the expansion: “We have recruited two very competent individuals to strengthen our presence in this expansive region.’’

“There is plenty of construction going on in and around Uppsala: housing, offices, hospitals, infrastructure and several new sports arenas. Consequently, we see a great demand for our expertise which makes it logical to expand our lighting business to this location. I have high hopes that it will result in many interesting new projects and fruitful partnerships,’’ continued Strömberg.