After temporarily hijacking the identity of Wallplay Shop in New York, USA, light art collective Nitemind created FLATLAND – an immersive installation of 2D and 3D LED sculptures coupled with live musical performances.

During April 2016, light art collective Nitemind presented FLATLAND – an evolving light installation and concept shop – at Wallplay 118 Orchard St. New York, USA, exploring the interplay of dimension and light. Showcasing minimal lighting pieces (2D and 3D LED sculptures), an immersive installation was open upstairs for the opening and closing nights only. Coupled with live musical performances, these events were scattered throughout the week it was open.

Along with FLATLAND, Nitemind creates mesmeric visual experiences of motion, light, and colour. It is a group of artists using technology and physical space to create immersive and interactive installations. Its work uses light as a medium, including laser beams, video-mapped LED and software art in combination with ephemeral sculpture and site-specific installations. Nitemind has been instrumental in the development of exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo, Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOMA, Johannes Vogt Gallery, Red Bull Music Academy, and many others.

With thanks to artist and interactive programer Michael Potvin; artist, designer and lead fabricator Joey Perugini; creative producer and music supervisor Brian Sweeny; Shadrack Lindo for graphic design and Will Rahilly for video animation, FLATLAND was an awe-inspiring display of how dimension and light can interact to create a truly exciting event.

Pic: Erez Avissar