Gerber Mall, Germany

Das GERBER - Shopping mall Interior design Public spaces Ippolito Fleitz Group

Located in the city of Stuttgart, the Gerber Mall is a multi-functional space with high urban significance; a major shopping destination in the capital of the federal state of Baden-Wuertemberg. Pfarré Lighting Design collaborated with architect Quartier ‘S’ EPA Planungsgruppe & Bernd Albers, and interior designer Ippolito Fleitz Group, in order to take on the sizeable challenge of illuminating the 25,000sqm space.

With three entrances on two levels, the mall reflects its complex urban situation and neighbourhood. In the light of a corporate design theme for all entrance areas, 31 Hatec Lichttechnik LED rings have been designed especially for the project. In the basement, the rings are integrated in the ceiling, while freely suspended from the high ceilings at other entrances. A hoola-hoop piece consisting of ten rings with an RGB system for special events, circles around a central column and is reflected in the fountain below, spanning the height of all three shopping floors.

Lightness, clarity and sophisticated minimalism are at the centre of the Gerber Mall interior lighting design. Lead by Gerd Pfarré, the team minimised the visual weight of a one-metre high ceiling package filled with air-conditioning ducts and other necessary technical features by illuminating the white flanks of the generous ceiling openings. To maintain a dynamic experience for shoppers, with a clean, modern feel, spotlights have been integrated into a recessed, matte-black channel system, appearing in clusters across the ceiling to provide a bright, homogenous light throughout.

The black channels correspond with the black escalator’s handrails and dividing gaps under the escalators, providing a contrast to the underside of the escalator illuminated by Hatec LED. Glare-reduced, honeycombed metal-halide spots enhance the public space and generate contrast to the ambient light emanating from Hadler Luxsystem SL seamless linear luminaires in the various shops.

A huge skylight allows the daylight to illuminate the enormous space from above. In order to hide the frames, Ippolito Fleitz Group designed a system of white baffles, with a blue LED strip from Hatec Lichttechnik – transforming the skylight into a source of light at night.

The modern and dynamic design of this mall reflects the hustle and bustle that flows through it on a daily basis, with the hoola-hoop piece defining the Gerber’s dynamic yet functional character.