GVA Lighting opens London office

(UK) – GVA Lighting promotes new technology through UK expansion.

GVA Lighting has opened a new office in the UK as part of its most recent efforts to promote its newest technology to British and European architects and lighting designers.

GVA’s INFINITY technology allows running 300+ metre long lighting circuits
from a single power and data source and is said to be a great solution for illumination of large infrastructure projects: skyscrapers, long bridges, airports and shopping malls.

INFINITY helps to overcome many design challenges: penetrations into the building to feed the luminaires are no longer required, the system reliability is increased, luminaires are very compact and easy to install.

“London is the global capital of design and architecture,” said Vladimir Grigorik, Founder and President of GVA Lighting, “GVA has developed a unique tool for architectural illumination. We have to be there to promote our ideas and to serve European specifiers on professional and timely manner.”

A continuous emphasis on developing and retaining talented people remains the firm’s key driver of success. In line with this principle, David Stramazzotti who worked as the Export Manager for Europe was promoted to a new role as the General Manager and will oversee the entire operation of this branch.