Harvard Engineering rebrands to Harvard Technology

Paul Hussey, Chief Executive Officer at Harvard Technology

(UK) – Wireless lighting control specialist evolves brand to embrace Smart City and Internet of Things technological advancements. 

Harvard, a leader in design, development and manufacture of energy saving wireless lighting control solutions, has unveiled its exciting new brand – Harvard Technology.

For more than 20 years Harvard Technology has been consistently bringing new, innovative, products to market. The company plans to remain in the vanguard and has undertaken a review, resulting in the launch of a new brand that not only represents the company’s intentions, but will also allow it to move forward and embrace the opportunities that present themselves in a world of technological advancements, including Smart Cities and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Paul Hussey, Chief Executive Officer at Harvard Technology, said: “Our brand evolution from Harvard to Harvard Technology is a positive and exciting step forward for us. During the last six months the management team has evaluated our core values to strengthen our position within the marketplace. The new brand epitomises everything we represent; a forward thinking, technology focused manufacturing company, that continues to be at the forefront of an advancing wirelessly connected world.”

Combining R&D, software, firmware and electronics, Harvard Technology has been manufacturing cutting-edge solutions in the UK for over 20 years.

Harvard remains a pioneer in the wireless controls solutions market, having been one of the first companies in the world to launch a wireless control and monitoring solution for street and outdoor lighting. Launched in 2007, LeafNut has been deployed by over 100 local authorities across the world. More recently the company launched EyeNut, one of the world’s first wireless controls and monitoring management systems for interior lighting.

Installed in 50 locations worldwide, EyeNut is helping realise substantial monetary and energy savings. This is exemplified by the world’s largest installation of the innovation system in New Zealand, where the client is achieving savings of £9,500 per calendar month.

The company also has an LED Solutions range, which consists of CoolLED high performance LED drivers, LEDeng modular light engines and the Custom LED design and placement service.

Harvard prides itself on providing the highest levels of service and is currently into the second year of a five-year transformational plan entitled, Harvard Lean Enterprise Deployment (HLED). The strategy has seen the company implement a number of new processes throughout the product lifecycle, from design, development, pre-production and production. This has resulted in Harvard setting market leading benchmark standards that far exceed the current industry levels.

For example, the introduction of solder bath profiling and training, has led to an approximate 80% improvement in the quality of all products as well as standardising production methods. A New Product Introduction Team has also been introduced to monitor the development of new products. The team has implemented a strict gated review process and Design for Manufacture guidelines, which has led to an improvement of nearly 50% in the time taken to deliver new products with the added benefit of increased design efficiency.

The HLED process has also resulted in Harvard establishing an After-sales Department to manage the complete customer experience, from planning through to product delivery, ensuring all aspects of the relationship with customers are delivered as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Hussey added: “Customer satisfaction is key to our future success. We are recognised internationally for developing innovative, cutting edge products and as we continue to introduce new solutions, our new forward thinking processes will allow us to meet all our customers’ expectations.”