IALD and LightingEurope bring Human Centric Lighting to European Parliament

(Europe) – The IALD and LightingEurope held a joint event in European Parliament to discuss Human Centric Lighting and the importance of working in a healthy environment.

The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and LightingEurope have stressed the importance of lighting and wellbeing in buildings with a joint event in the European Parliament hosted by MEP Peter Liese.

A panel of EU policy makers, industry representatives and lighting designers gathered to discuss the importance of working and living in a healthy environment and how lighting can contribute to healthy buildings.

Saving energy has been and will remain a key objective for EU policymakers and industry stakeholders, however, the IALD and LightingEurope believe that addressing lighting quality and well-being should be granted a similar importance.

In the morning, the European Parliament Committee for Industry, Energy and Research (ITRE) voted on the Energy Performance of the Buildings Directive (EPBD) review report. ITRE Committee, with this vote, expressed the need to take into account not only energy savings but also wellbeing of people in this legislative review.

Discussing the EPBD review and the future of EU regulation on lighting, Kevan Shaw, Professional member and Director-at-Large of the IALD, said: “We need to look at actual energy used not product efficiency or power density of lighting to create meaningful energy savings in the real world.

“The lighting energy numeric indicator (LENI) provides the best metric to quantify system efficiency. Extreme care is required not to over-regulate, the speed of EU policy measures must follow rate of technological advance.”

Ourania Georgoutsakou, Secretary General of LightingEurope, added: “EPBD will create an opportunity to boost investments in better performing buildings by including good quality lighting. The focus must be on energy efficiency and on benefits for people.

“Human Centric Lighting will play an important role to realise healthy buildings and thus to shorten pay-back time.“