IALD and LUCI sign Friendship Agreement

23rd October 2017

(USA) – IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) and LUCI (the international network of cities on urban lighting) agree to work together to promote quality lighting in the urban environment. 

The President of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), and the General Director of LUCI, the international network of cities on urban lighting, signed a Friendship Agreement between the two organisations at the IALD Enlighten Americas event in Denver, Colorado.

Signed by Mark Burton-Page, General Director of LUCI and Victor Palacio, IALD, CLD, President of IALD, the Friendship Agreement acknowledges the common goals that unite LUCI and IALD. Both organisations recognise the importance of light and lighting design in the planning and development of urban spaces, and that quality of light is essential to quality of life.

The Friendship Agreement encourages the two organisations to promote cooperative discussion, efforts and activities to raise awareness on the crucial role of light in architectural and urban design. It also constitutes the first step towards initiating a structured dialogue between cities and lighting designers worldwide.

The Friendship Agreement asserts our intention of exchanging information and increasing collaboration between our two organisations. More cooperation between LUCI and the IALD will foster better projects and developments in cities worldwide.” – Victor Palacio, President of IALD

“Public lighting needs to be a multi-lateral, multi-layered co-construction between cities, industry, researchers and lighting designers. We look forward to strengthening the relationship between LUCI and IALD.” – Mark Burton-Page, General Director of LUCI