IALD host worldwide Chase the Dark Event

(Worldwide) – On 24 March, the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), held its annual Chase the Dark event, inviting designers around the world to get together both in person and virtually to celebrate the power of light.

The annual event begins in Australia, and makes its way across each time zone moving west, to create a 24-hour celebration, in which the 35 regions and chapters of the association can come together.

This year, the theme of “Only Light Where You Need It” encouraged participants to use light wisely, with as little impact to the environment as possible – as such, participants played with the characteristics of UV light to create artistic paintings and sculptures using a range of reactive materials.

As with previous years, social media played a large part in the event, with participants sharing their work on Instagram, using the hashtag #ialdchasedark.

Speaking of the event, the IALD said: “Light pollution, energy waste and sustainable manufacturing are problems that need to be addressed within the lighting community. The role of the lighting designer is crucial to educate and design solutions to minimise disruption and deliver sustainable solutions. The IALD is working together with policy makers, manufacturers and education establishments on best practices for environmental sustainability.”

Search #ialdchasedark on Instagram to see this year’s Chase the Dark efforts.