IALD: Lighting Design and GUV Technology

As we navigate into a “new normal” and get a better grip on what business operations in a world transformed by COVID-19 look like, there are lots of questions and discussions on how to modify buildings and buildings systems to mitigate virus transmission and protect building occupants. One item that is being discussed with a great deal of interest is Germicidal Ultraviolet Lighting (GUV).

The latest IALD webinar features panelists Darcie Chinnis, HLB Lighting Design; Dr. Robert Karlicek, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; and Dave Pfund, The Lighting Quotient. The panelists provide an overview of GUV technology, what the latest research says, the concerns/issues lighting designers need to consider, and what lighting designers should discuss with manufacturers and/or their clients.

This webinar is sponsored by Tambient by The Lighting Quotient (www.thelightingquotient.com)