IALD signs friendship agreement with LiTG

(USA) – Agreement will see both organisations work to promote lighting design profession.

The IALD has joined a friendship agreement with international lighting organisation Deutsche Lichttechnische Gesellschaft (LiTG), based in Berlin, Germany.

The two organisations will work together to jointly promote the interests of independent lighting designers, and to raise awareness of the profession and further its development internationally.

The friendship agreement was signed by IALD CEO Marsha Turner and LiTG Chairman Thomas Klimiont, who recognise the common goals that unite IALD and LiTG. Both associations understand the importance of professional development and continuing education for lighting designers, as well as the general support of professionals and students in this profession. IALD and LiTG will work to advance lighting quality through research, scientific papers and conferences.

The initiative was spearheaded by Andreas Schulz, chair of the IALD Europe Steering Committee and founder of Licht Kunst Licht. Schultz is active in both associations, and of the agreement, he said: “This friendship agreement encourages both associations to exchange ideas, opinions and views with each other to promote cooperative discussions and efforts to areas of common importance. It will strengthen the impact of both parties by having the opportunity to share experience and knowledge.”

The friendship agreement fosters the collaboration between the two organisations to maintain a regular exchange of information, encourage participation in each other’s activities such as conferences, seminars and organise shared events to bring both associations’ members together.