InterLumi Panama succeeds again with second show

(Latin America) – New Records Achieved at the 2nd Edition of InterLumi Panama 2017

InterLumi Panama Lighting and Led trading show in Latin America has achieved a wondrous second year of exhibiting between 29 June and 1 July, at ATLAPA Convention Centre.

Reaching record heights in numbers of attendees with 151 exhibiting brands from 21 countries, the showcasing of cutting-edge products and technologies in efficient lighting brought in 2,172 visitors from 28 global countries. In terms of exhibitors, there was a 25% increase in companies lighting up the emerging market.

Ms. Estherlin Pérez, Sales Executive and Lighting Designer of HP Winner commented: “It is a good platform to meet people from lighting industry and this is our main interest. We came here again because we had satisfactory results at last year’s show. Now we are here again with more expectations and hopefully can receive feedback as good as last year.”

One notable example is ATP Lighting, who returned with local distributer Sirenergy, and enlarged their booth space by more than twice this year. Mr Guillermo Redrado, Vice President of ATP Lighting said: “It’s a fair where we always have high hopes. We see that there are several interesting companies, and what we want is to be able to showcase to Panamanian market the new products that we have brought.”

FD Center appeared as new exhibitors this year and received positive feedback from their visitors. Mr Victor Cachafeiro Sergent spoke highly of it: “It is a fair perfectly organized from all points of view. The level of excellence has risen in reference to the previous edition. It serves the Panamanian and Latin American market to unify trends in relation to lighting and also lighting applications with a different approach that could be estimated according to client needs. It has been an amazing idea that each exhibitor has the opportunity to interact with buyers brought from abroad. I have noticed that several international delegations came. We will make good use of this opportunity to inform them the innovative products that we have brought to InterLumi Panama.”

As one of two focul points for the trade show, InterLumi Panama 2017 launched the Match-Making program over the first two days. Pre-selected purchasers from selected groups from Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua Peru and Venezuela joined the program with the purpose of implementing new projects and finding potential partners. Over 100 sessions of face-to-face meetings were scheduled and both exhibitors and buyers gave their raving reviews.

“I think it’s an excellent program actually. We have had several meetings at a very good level and found important purchasing needs from the visitors,” commented by Mr. Omar González from SELS (SMART ERA LIGHTING SYSTEMS).

“It is a good initiative and it is not found in other trade shows we have participated in worldwide.” disclosed by French exhibitor Mr. Pascal Fouineau, Executive Sales Export of Fonroche Lighting. “The system is really fantastic because before the trade fair starts, we know that we can find potential customers who are interested in our products.”

Mr. Juan Gómez from CMI (Corporación Multi Inversiones) Guatemala also added “Through the program I did find contacts and I even found some products that may be of interest, which is hydroelectric plants. It is also one of the company’s main business and, for us, it is pretty productive.”

Efficient Lighting Forum – Central America is seeing its second edition as the highly popular event of InterLumi Panama with a stong lineup of eleven experts from Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama and Spain discussed 4 topics in vogue, namely Smart Lighting & IoT, Lighting Trends, Renewable Energy and Efficient Lighting Design. Bringing the show to a climax was a panel discussion after each session and interaction between speakers and the audience.

“I am so delighted to share our research and more than impressed to see this event. I know this is only the second edition of the event. But this is really a showcase of the world here in Panama, for not just this country but for the region. So, it has been a very pleasant surprise to see the high quality of delegates and exhibitors as well as the great presenters I met at the forum. I am learning as much as I am sharing.” Mr. Ronald J. Zimmer, President & CEO of CABA (Continental Automated Buildings Association) expressed after his presentation at the forum.

Mr. Héctor Castillo, Project Leader of Grupo Salinas also shared his opinion from the perspective of being a forum attendee. “The forum themes are very complete and the professionals indicated very necessary technical aspects for the projects. We will bring the useful information back to Guatemala.”

The success of this unique Panama trade show cannot be acclaimed without thanks given to the strategic partners who have provided constant support. “There are many products that can meet the needs of any visitor. Participants could have a comprehensive overview of the latest development of lighting industry in the global range. In regards to forum, it is also a must-see event on every edition. It is systematically managed and there are many ideas coming out of the forum that can be discussed further.” said Mr. Rubén Omar Sánchez, President of Argentine Association of Lighting (AADL by its initials in Spanish).

“The market of efficient lighting is booming and we are on the right track to grow stronger day by day.” stated Ms. Annie Hernández, Executive Director of Guatemalan Association of Lighting (AGI by its initials in Spanish). “We are considering how AGI and InterLumi can work together to strengthen the alliance throughout the region.”

The third edition of InterLumi Panama will commence of 11 July to 13 July 2018.